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NewSong Vineyard is actively building relationships with a few key ministries, missionaries and churches throughout the world.  This allows us to provide the resources needed to empower what God has already started.  We are passionate about stepping out in faith and boldly sharing personal testimony and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In doing so, we return home prepared and ignited to do the same in our workplaces and neighborhoods. 

NewSong Vineyard supports our Global Partners by:

  • Sending teams to encourage and witness God’s work firsthand

  • Encouraging them through regular contact and ongoing relationships

  • Prayer & financial support

Scripture Union of Uganda

Scripture Union is a Christian organization that nurtures children and youth holistically, helping people engage with God through the Bible, so that they may follow Jesus Christ and be instrumental in transforming Africa.  Scripture Union shares the gospel of Jesus Christ with school-aged children attending Primary and Secondary schools in Uganda.  They fill a very important gap, as many children are single or double orphans, with 70% of the Ugandan population being under the age of 20.  Due to AIDS, warfare and other factors related to poverty, there is a missing generation in the country of Uganda, leaving children to raise children or elderly grandparents to raise a high number of children. 

Scripture Union communicates a message of hope by holding Bible clubs in Primary and Secondary schools, running camps/conferences, and teaching life skills in schools.

Beth Baleke

Beth Baleke, Scripture Union Uganda Missionary serving South Sudan and Ethiopia

Beth Baleke, Scripture Union Uganda Missionary serving South Sudan and Ethiopia

Beth serves as an extension of Scripture Union Uganda encouraging the development of Scripture Union ministry in the Republic of South Sudan and Ethiopia.  Beth trains and mobilizes staff and volunteers, launches new ministry sites, and distributes and instructs on the appropriate use of Bible-based devotional and discipleship materials.  She serves in challenging and remote areas gripped by war or Muslim influences.  Beth goes to the ends of the Earth to bring the Gospel to so many un-reached people.  

Eagles Wings

Eagles Wings Children's Village - Child Sponsorship, Masaka, Uganda

Eagles Wings Children's Village - Child Sponsorship, Masaka, Uganda

NewSong Vineyard sponsors two youth attending school at Eagles Wings Primary and Secondary Schools in Masaka, Uganda.  This provides schooling, as well as Scripture Union discipleship camp opportunities, for the children.